The installation of Wireless Network System has been accomplished which has put into use in parts since January after the tender that was made in late 2007.

Wireless network is available mainly in student houses, libraries, education centers and open areas where students gather. Please click here to see the up to date list of these areas.
The coverage area of eduroam network in Turkey can be seen from the following address;

By the installation of wireless network, our university has become a member of eduroam (Education Roaming) confederation as well. Thanks to this membership, our staff members and students visiting other eduroam participanting institutions (domestic, foreign) will be able to use internet access by using their username and password which they use at their home institution- without any registration procedure. It is also same for the foreign visitors coming to our university from eduroam participanting institutions.You may obtain detailed information and the list of participating institutions through websites; and .

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